This Is The Whole Reason We Do This… Miracles Do Happen!

Most of the Cardinal Cowboy’s time is spent helping people, fans, business owners, workers, charity leaders and any other human to realize they have the tools and skills to change the world and to make a difference. In some cases, we now know of 6 very specific cases, where the Cowboy worked directly with an individual who was in a very difficult situation.

We have 4 of which where the child was near death as a result of a terrible disease or coma and the Cowboy was called in. As he had done before, the Cowboy went in to visit the child, this time again at St. Louis Childrens Hospital. The Cowboy gave his “It’s up to you!” pep-talk and now we have another amazing story to share. Check out how the Cowboy got updated as to the result of Dalton’s recovery. Awesome… now Dalton has agreed to help as we have much more work to get done. Enjoy!