Cardinal Cowboy Speech Outline – Something Totally Unique “You”

History – How was the Cardinal Cowboy Created – Stole the hat, coma, recovery, unique perspective on what matters in life

Statistically it is almost a complete anomaly that I am here today.

90% of brain injured patients who are vegetative for one month or longer will fail to improve to a state better than severe disability. However, two thirds of patients who were unconsciousness for two weeks or less may make a moderate to good recovery.

Moderate to good? What about a complete recovery? Some people argue that I am definitely not recovered. But with all that I have proven I can accomplish what is a person who did not go thru a near death coma capable of?

My mental block to limit me was removed from going thru a coma… not often the case for others who also go thru a coma…

The public figure I am

The particular type of public figure I am – a point to make – go out on a limb – out of the box – focus on the long term good that most people do not have the courage to put out there – has its negatives.

I take pride in being a leader an inspirer… brutal honesty… to the point… let the chips fall where they may… no worries because I always doing what is right… so really nothing to fear

If you have never been outside of the box don’t get too freaked out the 1st time you are out of the box… they call it out of the box for a reason… you are also outside of your safe zone…

Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks… they are too worried about what you think about them… and negative people will always find something negative… this ties back to the whole out on a limb out of the box issue

Many people find it easier to tear down what someone else is doing rather than try and do something extra-ordinary themselves… stay away from these people but don’t let them destroy your dream… 

Every single successful person who has made a huge impact took what some would call a huge risk… even it all that was at stake was their ego… the sole reason people do not go after dream and make a huge impact is because they are worried what people will think.

The worst thing that will happen is you don’t quite succeed but you learn a hell of a lot that other people will never experience, making you an instant expert of sorts.

The funny thing is I have no special ability or talent or gift… Close friends of mine will verify this… My special ability? I know I can do anything I set my mind to… and I am not half as smart as the lazy people who accomplish nothing

Except I just decided that I had seen plenty of very average people do amazing things… 

I didn’t realize how average they really were until I got to know them… and I realized… crap, if they can do it I CAN DO IT!

So, that is it… I just got off my duff after graduating college with average grades and started going for whatever I set my mind to do next…

Top Sales guy for Circuit City and Google’s Largest Partner

Corp E-mail Ops Analyst for A-B

World Famous Super Fan

Pro Football Player


Inspirer / Motivator

How do You Become Incredibly Awesome?

Give yourself the tools, resources, information… it is all just sitting there… you just have to get off your butt and dig it up

Then start studying what other people have done… and mimic or for find something to improve upon what they did… 

The 5 R’s to Success:
Research, Reach-Out, Review, Recalculate and Repeat over and over again…

Life is really a long series of trial and error until you become the master… but if you never try, you can never error and you can improve to become the master

The problem is 90% of people spend more time finding excuses about why they can’t do something while with the same amount of energy spent you could be halfway to your goal.

Focus is the key… how can you ever push the 100 million dollar bucket up the mountain if all your do is worry about the things people are saying about the appearance of the bucket

They don’t even know what is inside the bucket, but they still will spend their time trying to distract you keeping you from getting your 100 million dollar bucket up the hill…

You can either push your 100 million dollar bucket up the hill or you can reply to what everyone says about the bucket…. but you cannot do both…

Close with a few of my favorite quotes:

Remember… it is not the error (mistake) in life that kills you… it is how you respond to that error… 

My favorite quote from my dad… If you think you can, or if you think you can’t… YOU ARE RIGHT…

And finally, in the words of recently passed legend, Lawrence “Yogi” Berra… If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else…

Take the Cardinal Cowboy Pledge:

Dream, and then chase your dreams: I promise… to not only Dream… but endlessly pursue and chase my dreams unto no end, until I have reached my dream… and then I will start another dream and chase it… and to further help other people realize their ability to chase theirs… with their own God given superpower.

Remember: Focus on what you want, help as many people as you can along the way… and Never Ever Stop!

Thank you…

Carter Rethwisch – Cardinal Cowboy

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