Marketing Testimonials

Dr. Kyle LeBlanc
Owner - Advanced Chiropratic
These guys have put all the tools in place for me to make my on-line presence really bring in business. After all, that is where all business is moving to. We put in place a great site that brings leads, a Google and Yahoo PPC campaign and they have helped us with us to manage our Reputation and Social Media. We get an average of 4 new clients a week that we attribute to iWebProfit's efforts.
John Kistler
Owner - J&B Technologies
I really appreciate everything that you’ve done for JBTech and google advertising. We didn’t have a good point of reference for adwords and didn’t really understand how to monetize google. After you took the time to show us not only what to do with the positive words but also how to use the negative words we really were able to get a couple of really good leads a week! And then we were able to close those leads, and that was really an eye opener for us. The best part is that as time has gone by we have been able to fine tune the campaigns and we are getting better and better at targeting our audience. Thanks for all of your help, we are really pleased with the work you’ve done for us!
Shawn Gaffney
Owner - Roofing Company
Now we are really getting people from the Internet. For years we were strictly word of mouth. But we get a ton of business from our Facebook and Website since starting our program with
Tony S.
Manager Local Car Dealership
We have maintained 2 times the traffic we had been getting every month since we launched our GAIT 60 campaign with We have spent thousands a month to get 1/4 the same amount of traffic. These guys customize our ads and broadcast all of our monthly specials to a huge audience. This program is as effective as anything we had seen, especially considering the cost.
Dylan Bayliss
Director of Sales
What an incredible jump in the traffic our website using the iWebProfit Marketing Services. Our website is now getting 10 times as much traffic as we used it get. They really went the extra mile to make sure we understood everything.