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"This is gonna be interesting!"

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Our Pilot Show & Its Video Cuts Have Been Seen By Over 60,000 Viewers!

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Yes, Now It's Time You Or Someone You Know To Be A...
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Who do you know that deserves the spotlight on THEM!?

Here is what this is all about: Imagine someone you know being on a broadcast having their message sent all around the world with a viral Social Media message that will elevate their message to change the world.

  • 1
    The Show: We will put the spotlight on those who deserve it most. Community Leaders, Business Owners, Charity Leaders, Local Student and Athletic Stars and more!
  • 2
    The Power Of Good: We hope to help show how people doing good creates more good for everyone. Help us prove this to be true!
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    Time to Shine: This is an opportunity for you to shine, share the good that you know is going on and help to share what good things are actually going on in our community.

See what they are saying already:

"Social Proof - Some Guests Testimonials..."

"Here are just a few examples of what some of our guests have had to say about the show so far. I knew we had an audience!

We love to help leaders in our community shine, share the good things they know and see, and help others to do the same."

Carter Rethwisch

 - Receiving the Brain Injury Association - Special Award for Public Relations awarded to the Cardinal Cowboy -

"I decided after years of following the Cardinal Cowboy to Team Up with Him!"

"I have seen the Cardinal Cowboy run around the entire Midwest promoting a positive message everywhere he goes. I need that kind of image as part of my profession and business. 

So, I decided to see if he would team up with me. I am super excited about what we are going to be able to bring to the St. Louis community."

Judge Mike Carter

Owner - Carter Law -

"After my interview on the show our business BOOMED!"

"Gaining the exposure that we were able to get by being on the show with the Cardinal Cowboy I gained 23 leads, just from the show airing once.

We are still getting new business from the interview and now have a partnership relationship with one of the best know personalities in the entire Midwest, the Cardinal Cowboy. We will use the recording of our video over and over again on our social media throughout the country."

Jenn Fox Thomas

COO - EZ Digital, LLC. -

"Just being on the show has given me a spotlight I can share."

"With the lights and cameras and the audience that the Cardinal Cowboy brings this interview gives me something to share on my social media to highlight what my business is all about.

The attention I will be able to put on my business is worth every second."

Brian Brown

Owner - Real Estate Revolution -

"Being on the Show was Awesome!"

"I was so excited to be on the show. They Cowboy knows how to bring out the best in what is going on. Now I have another great video that I can share to all of my Social Media. This interview is worth its weight in Gold!"

Kristie Weber

Owner - Weber Elite Realty -

"Carter really highlighted what my business is all about."

"So many people really don't understand what my business does to help people. Carter made it very clear to the audience in a clip that I can now use for all of my prospective clients to see. Thanks so much!"

Dr. Mike Munro

Primary Care Chiropratic -

Listen to Dr. Mike Munro explain what sets his business apart.
- This video was from our pre-launch show interviews at a the local Brewskeez Bar/Restaurant in the St. Louis Area.

We are looking forward to helping highlight the good that happens, EVERY DAY, in St. Louis!

Tell us about the good that you know is going on!

"My goal is to everyday find some way to positively influence the life of just one person. If I can only do that my day, my week, my month, my year and ultimately my life will be a success.”

P.S.: And if we can get just a few influencers to join with us... just think of the impact we will have... #GiddyUp #CardinalCowboy

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