The America's Wall
An Interview & Highlight Clips
With Hall Of Famer Jackie Smith
The Cowboy & Judge Show
- Aired on ABC in St Louis 11/21/22

- Interview Highlight Clips Below -

About the Wall... Why The Wall 

Emotion At The Wall

Has the NFL Changed 

HOF Speech - Get To Know The Guys

Show Intro - Why the Wall?

Football Only Gives Kids Confidence - How To Get Along

Is The NFL Coming to STL?

Jared Schmidt Wall Awareness

Why Jackie Is Involved!

Best Memory of Playing NFL Football

Jared Schmitz - Cowboy & Judge Show Finale

Play As Long As You Can

Very Patriotic - America's Wall 

This Wall Is Close And Reverent Makes Missouri Proud 

NFL Then Vs Now - Big Red In Community

Missouri’s National Veterans Memorial is a newly formed, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization based in Perryville, Mo., that is dedicated to honoring our nation’s veterans. The memorial began as the vision of several local veterans and citizens who wanted to honor and respect their fellow brothers-and-sisters-in-arms, including those currently serving.

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